Aerolito’s digital multilearning platform composed by four different services. A movement towards the future of learning.
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Oli Class
Circular learning
Oli Class is composed by online meeting cycles where participants decide what they want to learn.

Each cycle has four online meetings and one mentor, who conducts the content based on the following framework.
Meeting #1: the question
Meeting #2: ten references
Meeting #3: thesis/answer
Meeting #4: co-creation

For example: if the mentor was Federico Pistono, on the first meeting the following questions could come up: “What is your view on the future of cities?” or “What is your view on UBI?”. Once decided what the question would be, Frederico would bring ten references to the second meeting (and would explain why he thinks each one of them is relevant). On the third meeting, he would show a presentation where he explains his thesis on the proposed question. Finally, on meeting #4, participants would bring inputs and co-create on the subject.

As it was explained before: each cycle has a mentor, all of them are specialists on futurism. Therefore, each cycle is expected to have very distinct questions. Even if the mentor conducts more than one cycle, the question tends to change (and the cycle as a whole as well).
Oli Radar
Platform of references about the future
Aerolito has an original platform that collects hundreds of references – such as news, articles, talks, books and interviews – from the futurism universe (technologies, scientific breakthroughs, startups and new business models).

The references are daily updated by Aerolito’s research team – and rated according to our own criteria. So you don’t have just quantity. You have quality (and you can be assured that everything is always up to date).

Oli Radar is an opportunity to have access to it all. You learn by researching and comparing your criteria to Aerolito’s.

But if you are afraid you will get lost in so much content, do not worry. You can apply filters to make your search easier. For example: you can apply filters such as “food”, “artificial intelligence” and “Brazil” and discover what is going on in this universe.

More: the platform also allows you to filter and organize all this information through visualization map.
Oli Feed
The Feed is a great form to simplify the intake of OLI Radar. So you can be updated in a few minutes – and you can even create a daily or weekly routine so you are never out of the loop of what is happening in the world.

All information on Radar is turned into a personalized news feed (which is always being updated). The parameters can be modified anytime – immediately generating a new timeline fitted to your current interests.

For example, let’s suppose that you started working at a new company. You used to work in the mobility business and now work in the health industry. It’s simple: you just need to adjust your feed and, quickly, you will be up to date on this new universe.
Oli Select
Individual track based on your interests
Through positive look at the future and technologies, every OLI user can collaborate by sharing news and interacting through likes and comments.

A space destined to a personalized consumption of news: every 3 days the feed will show 6 different news based on your interests. You can see who shared the news, its comments and how many likes it has.

Thus, we bring a curatorship beyond ours, contributing with diversified visions.


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